Monday, March 23, 2009

Sticky Chicken Fried Rice

Upon leaving New York I felt both eager and apprehensive about relying on a range of food from Southeast Asia for close to 5 weeks.  When frequenting seemingly authentic restaurants in New York I often leave with a bit of a heavy and sometimes even lethargic feeling after feeding on foods sauteed or fried in "brown sauce" and "peanut curry".  I was relieved to discover that the meals to follow were anything but heavy; on the contrary, Thai food has left me feeling invigorated, energized and surprisingly healthy, a parallel experience to one recently had on my trip to Mexico, documented by our Hungry Roach at

Thailand is the number one producer and exporter of rice in the world. I feel safe in assuming that their rice supply is therefore one of the freshest and varied ones around. The variety that is used to create Thai sticky rice (white grain aged for a few months to increase water retention upon steaming) has become almost an addiction for me. While I have always been a lover of all things leavened, rice may just as well become my carb of choice. 

After wandering through the buzzing streets of Bangkok for several hours during the peak of midday sun, we found ourselves completely exhausted, dehydrated and hungry. Luckily we came
across Harmonique, a lovely and serene restaurant with light and easy lunch options. At around only 80 Baht a dish ($2.50 USD) the price was right. As soon as the menus landed in our laps my glance went directly to the Limenade.  Sweet, tangy and refreshing the limenade was a welcomed alternative to lemonade. I quickly placed an order for 
chicken fried rice and Mike ordered up spicy chicken with cashews. The coconut chicken fried rice arrived in a perfect portion with garnishes of lime wedges, fresh cucumber sticks, chives and a spicy lime sauce for good measure.  The dish had a light, airy and tangy quality to it that enabled me to gobble it up in no more than 10 minutes. Mike dug into his dish just as quickly and found that it contained bits of sauteed onions
 and cabbage... a welcomed surprised. For anyone who knows us both and is aware of our ability to talk, at times a bit too much, I can safely say that for the first time on the trip there was complete silence. Eating this dish as my introduction to Thai food sparked a curiosity that I knew would only be quelled by taking at least a few Thai cooking classes along the way. "I have to take this experience home with me! Dinner parties must consist of food like this!"  
I was sold. Fresh sustenance, Thai style.  


  1. Sounds amazing Glad your tummy is behaving!

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  3. We lead parallel lives!! I love it. Thanks for the shout out. Wish I could be eating the thai food with you too. I bet Thai ladies don't get fat either...