Tuesday, March 17, 2009

First Stop: Bangkok, Thailand

After several weeks of anticipation and planning, I have finally arrived in Bangkok, Thailand, otherwise known as the Gateway to Southeast Asia.  For the purposes of my blog I've decided to use my middle name Darcy, to not only be a bit silly, but also to represent what feels like an intermission in my life, and a superb one at that!

While planning our getaway, Mike and I had one clear vision in mind.  We wanted an authentic experience.  One free of tourist traps, "remote village day trips" that pretty much double as village camps manufactured by the Thai Gov., and so on.  On my trip from the airport to our hotel I experienced first hand what Mike meant by "authentic".  Our hotel, DREAM Bangkok -http://www.dreambkk.com/, is located in Bangkok's very own Red Light district!  My heart raced as my driver drove through the dark, 
foreign city's narrow passageways while Thai women approached the car.  I was certain that doom was eminent.  A plan of action ensued - passport down the pants, camera chip in bra and pepper spray in hand. I was armed and ready.  

Never fear, after what seemed like a few more left and right turns, I finally arrived at DREAM - an oasis in the desert of female trafficking!  (I clearly had watched too many movies before taking my trip here, one of them being Liam Neeson's new film, TAKEN).

After settling in we decided to throw on some flip flops and go explore Bangkok's infamous nightlife.  My mood quickly changed from fear and trepidation to curiosity and excitement, a welcome change at that!  Bangkok's streets were alive and roaring with food vendors, mini-liquor-club carts decorated with holiday lighting, flourescent pink taxis, putting tuk-tuks (small motor led carts) and young backpackers.  I was on sensory overload and enjoying every moment of it.  Just as we turned the corner to stop and grab a beer Mike shouted out - Elephant on the street!!  I turned my head and sure enough, trodding down the city's bustling street right in between two shiny pink taxi cabs was a baby elephant making its way home.  I knew then and there this would be the beginning of a trip of a lifetime.  


  1. Great start, Caro! I think I'm going to be singing "one night in Bangkok" for the rest of the day in my head.

  2. Wow!! the elephant pic is priceless. where does the little fellow call his home?? miss you! xoox

  3. SO excited for you, Carolena. I wish I was there on your Asian adventure, but I will live vicariously. Enjoy each shining moment!

  4. aaahhh! I'm so excited for you! I am officially jealous too :) Have fun! Give the baby elephant a hug for me. Can't wait to read more about your adventures! xo

  5. Hola Prima como estas que lindo tu viaje disfrutalo y cuidate tu primo Pablo Poma